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The City hereby disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for damage, 
injury, loss, claim, or lawsuit arising from any error, inaccuracy or other 
problem with either the digital data or the digital media used to share the 

The City reserves the right to deny access to certain data sets.

The digital data provided here under are provided as is and the City expressly 
disclaims all warranties, UCC and otherwise, express or implied, including 
warranties as to accuracy of the digital data and the merchantability and 
fitness for a particular purpose, and further expressly disclaims 
responsibility for all incidental, consequential or special damages arising 
out of or in connection with the use or performance of the digital data.

Pursuant to Section 54.1-402 of the Code of Virginia, any determination of 
topography or contours, or any depiction of physical improvements, property 
lines or boundaries is for general information only and shall not be used 
for the design, modification or construction of improvements to real property 
or for flood plain determination.


To purchase the GIS data on DVD by mail, make checks for $102.00 ($100.00 
Data DVD production fee and $2.00 postage fee) payable to "City of Alexandria". 
No credit cards accepted. All inquiries can be made at 703.746.3826.

Mail to:
City of Alexandria, GIS
123 N Pitt Street, Suite 250
Alexandria, VA 22314 

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