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SilhouettesContrabands and Freedmen's Cemetery Memorial Design Competition 2008

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Freed slave at Price Birch & Co. Slave Pen, Alexandria, 1861 (LC) Interior of Price Birch & Co. Slave Pen/Union Jail, Alexandria, VA (LC) Interior of Price Birch & Co. Slave Pen/Union Jail, Alexandria, VA (LC) A Ride for Liberty - The Fugitive Slave, by Eastman Johnson, ca. 1862 (Brooklyn Museum of Art) Freedmen laborers at Quartermaster's Wharf, Alexandria
Contraband School students in Alexandria (N.Y. Public Library) Freedmen erecting part of a stockade surrounding the U.S. military railroad complex, near Duke and Payne Streets U.S. military railroad employees moving rails by the Wilkes Street tunnel, Alexandria, VA, 1863 (LC) Contrabands at Cumberland Landing, VA, 1862 (LC) Freedmen's tent camp outside Richmond, VA, 1865 (LC)
Freedmen's tent camp near Richmond, VA (LC) Band of the 107th Regiment United States Colored Troops 207th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry at Ft. Corcoran, Washington, DC Alexandria Brick Co. wagon by Freedmen's Cemetery (Wedderburn, 1907) U.S. Quartermaster's Wharf at the foot of Montgomery Street, Alexandria, VA
Burial of Union Dead at Fredericksburg, VA, 1864 (LC) Alexandria National Cemetery, 1876 (LC) Pine Headboards in Alexandria National Cemetery, 1876, like those used at Freedmen's Cemetery (LC)    

*Photo Credits

(LC): Library of Congress
(NA): National Archives