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SilhouettesContrabands and Freedmen's Cemetery Memorial Design Competition 2008

Historical Information

City Seal and Freedmen's Logo

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Cemetery rededication ceremony, 1998 Rededication luminaries Rededication luminaries, 1998 Detail of rededication luminary Church Street office building with gas station behind
Dedication ceremony of the historic marker Demolition of Church Street office building, 2007 Church Street adjacent to the northern site boundary Center of the site, facing north Center of the site, facing south
Center of the memorial site, facing east East side of the site, facing northwest Existing elm tree, to remain Western side of the site Urban deck crossing I-495/95 towards site
Eastern boundary of the site Brick sidewalk over the urban deck Brick sidewalk connecting the memorial site to the urban deck East side of the site, facing west Eastern edge of the memorial site adjacent to Washington Street
North edge of the site, adjacent to Church Street Office building foundation, to remain Office building retaining wall, to remain Residual office building entrance, to remain Existing interpretive sign
Site of future interstate exit ramp on the eastern side of the site Soundwall along the southwestern corner of the site Southwestern view of the site before building demolition, 2006 View to the north along Church Street adjacent to the site Washington Street between memorial site and St. Mary's Cemetery, northern view